I am home again, home again, jiggity jig.

My Dearest Toledo,

Each Saturday as I roll my bin of toys into Black Kite Coffee and Pies on the corner of Collingwood and Delaware, my childhood is once more. The sensation of delight fills me as I share some of my fondest memories in the place I call home. I love you, Toledo. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is satisfying as I hear the laughter and excitement of families gathering near.

“Story time”

“Story time”

“Let’s get together for story time”

I sing and look out the window to see the elementary school I attended. A friend that also went to Rosary Cathedral comes in to join the group with one of her grandsons. I love you, Toledo.

After graduating from the University of Toledo, I felt a longing for adventure. My rewarding journey took me to Arizona, Virginia, California, and back to Arizona again. I just had to come back. I missed the rich culture found at our libraries, the libraries I grew up in. I missed the Toledo Museum of Art where I explored freely and developed all kinds of imagination as a kid. Community art is everywhere in Toledo, and I definitely want to learn yarn bombing. Oh how I missed the Toledo Zoo. I like to park on the Walbridge side. I lived away for 35 years but now I am home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Friends reacquainted have welcomed me with warmth and fondness. I’ve made new friends, all Toledoans … unique, diverse, and wonderful. I love Toledoans!

I can still shop for Libby Glass at the outlet and have a lovely cup of Bea’s Blend at the Farmers’ Market. There are plenty of white elephant, rummage, thrift, yard, neighborhood, estate, and garage sales to keep me well entertained and on the go. I love your art walks and 419 and you celebrate a remarkable Pride festival. I love all of your festivals and parades. I love your food trucks and ghost stories, too.

So every Saturday at 9:00am, I sit down on my portable floor and the children join me. We sing and dance and enjoy stories, and I know that I am in the exact right place at the exact right time. It is a groovy feeling indeed.

I appreciate you, Toledo,

Teacher Denice

Teacher Denice runs the Positively Portable Preschool and we caught up with her one Saturday morning where she is the most happy, surrounded by children and toy ducks. You, and your little ones, can join her for the singing and dancing fun each Saturday morning at Black Kite Coffee and Glass City Roasters. We at Love Letters to Toledo love taking our children along and cherish the smiles that fill their faces as the great coffee fills our tummies. Teacher Denice is also available for private parties. Check out her Facebook page for more details. 


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