This city has brought so much to life

I’ve fallen in love with 3 homes in T O L E D O.

There is a point in everyone’s life when you have to make a decision… a rather hard
decision and those decisions I have came across so much in my life and more so

As I sit back tonight and embark on the past 3 years of my life spent in the 419
words cannot describe how much of an impact this city has truly made on my life
and my future. T O L E D O has not only landed me one of the best jobs I could have
ever had right out of college, but also indefinable friendships. This city has brought
so much to life for me that words cannot simply express. The moment I told my
future colleagues in a second round interview that I truly dislike reading; I knew
there was going to be something special about the relationships that I would
continue to develop within that particular building. I have to say that being
accepted as a School Counselor at Gateway Middle School has changed by life and in
fact impacted it as well. The individuals that I have learned from and gotten the
privilege to even work under have been remarkable. There is something that I will
not forget about the staff and a student within those hallways, and that is, that they
are my family. They have been so supportive, so loving, and above all so welcoming
to me an incoming 24 year old walking into her first I would like to say “big girl” job.
These people trusted me and always felt so appreciated.

Along with my Gateway family, there is another group of individuals that became
my second home away from home and that were the ladies of T O N I C in M A U M E
E. I remember the day like it was yesterday where I had googled “barre” the first
studio that came up… (I know real daring) I went to and that was Tonic, which
happened to be a yoga/barre/pilates fitness studio. Here I made lasting
relationships and friendships that would continue not only that first year I spent in
the 419, but 3 years later. If you don’t know me and your reading this, this wouldn’t
surprise you because I love to workout and yoga, running, and barre makes me so
happy especially being alongside my friends!

My last love was moving into downtown P E R R Y S B U R G. I have found it very
hard to leave this adorable city. I love my evening runs around the neighbors and
my weekly trips to Z I N G O S & M R F R E E Z E! Most importantly I am going to
miss the friendly spirits of each and every person I have come across in the area.
There is a sense of small town love within this community and I cannot describe it,
but it is truly amazing.

I do like to say that everyone I have met in the 419, has crossed my path for a reason
and each person in my life has taught me so much about myself that I had no idea
existed. I have learned so much from my elders that I have instilled in my life
throughout the years. I have watched myself mature and grow into a “smarter”
version of myself I would like to say and that is because of Y O U… the person that is
reading this.

I have accepted my life challenge and that is to learn that life without a purpose is no
life at all.

To my family and to my friends… you have taught me to: Have purpose//Laugh
Often//Value friendships//Find faith or belief//Be grateful//Stay positive//Listen
to others

In other words keeping smiling, embrace the positive, and listen with an open mind
and heart!

I truly know in my heart that I am so graciously happy to move onto the next
chapter of my life with my fiancé in the 513, but am so saddened to let this chapter
of my life close as well; a bit bitter, sweet.

When one door closes, another one opens, but I am here to say that I will be back T
O L E D O and you will never be forgotten by me!



Tarra left our fair city for her new adventure earlier this summer. As an avid runner and three year participator in the Glass City Marathon, you may spot Tarra running her favorite Wildwood trails with friends and her “dog buddy” when she visits T-Town.