If you love Toledo it will love you back.

Dear Toledo, Although I have known you for most of my life, we really didn’t begin our relationship until I was almost 40 years old. I grew up in Northwest Ohio but not in Toledo so I knew you but our visits were more for things like the occasional trip to the mall, the art museum, the zoo or one of the many other attractions Toledo has to offer. You were pretty much just an amenity to me for the first 30 plus years of my life and that was about as far as we went.

Then we jump to the year 2011. I was introduced to yarnbombing and instantly knew that I wanted to learn more. I got on to YouTube, learned how to crochet and that was it. Streetspun was born.

I was living in Perrysburg and put a couple of yarnbombs up in town. They were cut down within 24 hours. With the exception of the Way Library, libraries love yarnbombs! At that point I thought it was time to try yarnbombing a new spot so I put a couple by Promenade Park and then a couple on St. Clair Street. They weren’t getting cut down. I then decided to yarnbomb almost every parking meter on the block by Art Supply Depo. That is when people really began to notice the bright, colorful yarnbombs popping up everywhere and they wanted more! That is also the moment that Toledo and I fell in love head over heels for each other. My relationship with Toledo was growing stronger and I knew that it was time to paint this town with yarn!!

In early 2012 I moved to UpTown and everything came together in the most positive way! People were requesting yarnbombs in specific locations by their workplaces and their homes. They even started taking them on their vacations! People were putting my yarnbombs up everywhere! We were spreading TOLEDO LOVE all over the freaking world!!!

When I first moved here a new friend told me that if you love Toledo it will love you back. It is so very true and that statement will stick with me forever! This city welcomed me with love and open arms! When people stop and say to me “Thank you for making Toledo beautiful” and “Thank you for caring about Toledo” or “I don’t know what that is but it looks nice” you can’t help but want to continue to positively promote Toledo art, Toledo living and Toledo LOVE. I enjoy seeing how much we have grown in just the last few years. I hear people talk negatively about Toledo sometimes but if they could just feel a tiny piece of love that I constantly feel from Toledo then I just know that they would see the entire city differently. I know I did. Toledo – I love you forever!