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There’s something different about you, Toledo.


I must admit, you were not the first city that I fell in love with, nor, I’m afraid the last. I have been fortunate enough to travel to all edges of the world, to countless cities, each with its own extraordinary culture and flavor of life. But there’s something different about you, Toledo.
I didn’t know much about you up until a few years ago except your name and a rough geographical reference point. Over the last few years I have learned your history and your ever changing culture. It is a hard history, but what is progress without obstacles? What is a city without the architecture, the ideas and people to populate it?

When I really look at Toledo, I see beautifully aged structures each with a story to tell. Around each corner there is something uniquely Toledo, whether it’s a mural, a restaurant, a world renowned museum or even the elegant reflections of the skyline onto the Maumee River on a cloudless summer day. But it’s more than that. The people of Toledo are genuine, filled with innovation and creativity that is projected throughout the city. They are gracious and they work with the proud timeless structures that the city offers and continue to push the city to reach its endless potential. The city stands proud and strong and will continue to do so throughout its progression.

Toledo is what you make of it. No matter what it is you are looking for, I promise you will find it in Toledo. Whether its a quiet place to be with the legends of history in the Public Library or the Museum of Art, a dining experience with a spectacular view, or a walk through the thriving locally owned businesses, there is truly something for everybody in this city and the people are more than willing to help you find it. Toledo, you may not be the biggest city but you have certainly captured my heart and I cannot wait to grow with you in the coming years.

Love, Steph

We caught up with Steph at her mother’s property – this is what she says about this beautiful place: “This is my mothers property and her childhood house that we moved back to when we moved here from Australia 5 years ago. It’s approximately 15 acres of woods and trails. We have a cabin that we built within the woods about 15 years ago. It’s been a part of the family for over 70 years. I chose the property because of its serenity and beauty.” 


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