This is a place to have fun.

Dear Toledo,
I love Wildwood Metro Park because of three big things.  One is the tree.  The other two are the variety of plants and the amazing trails with the exquisite scenes.

My favorite part of Wildwood is the tree.  The great ancient tree which people think is the Metro Parks symbol.  From photo shoots like this one to birthday parties, many fun activities happen at its gnarled roots.   The tree is also very comforting.  I hope that colossal tree will stay there for generations to come.

One other thing that I love about Wildwood is that it provides an amazing assortment of vegetation, such as daisy fleabane, horsetail, hairy vine, and my personal favorite, sassafras.  Having these plants around also freshens the air and clears your mind, perfect for a good nature walk.  Which reminds me, you should see the paths …

The paths, oh the paths.  In some places there are dappled shafts of sunlight streaming through glowing leave, there are shaded paths, not to mention the covered bridge.  The air has a fresh, almost sweet smell, and the wildlife that surrounds you is surreal.  The paths are also exceptional for running or for a quick bike ride. Many people enjoy these trails, and I think it is a thing that should be in the Love Letters to Toledo.

Wildwood is a place where many things happen, from weddings to 5-kilometer races.  It is a place of startling allurement.  This is a place to get together and have fun, to enjoy nature at work.  Wildwood Metro Park makes Toledo a better place.


We meet up with eleven year old Max at the very tree that he loves so much at Wildwood Metro Park where he dazzled us with his climbing skills. Max loves to spend his time reading, building things and doing science experiments. He, obviously, also has a deep love for all things nature and writes so eloquently about why.