What I love the most right now.


I know! I am sorry! Growing up in Perrysburg … we don’t get out that much, really I think I ventured out of the ‘burg like 15 times growing up- but I’m here now and can’t get enough!

You know, Perrysburg is really great – but the entire Toledo region is even better. I figured this out when I moved away for a while. Columbus, Minneapolis and then back home, to the heart of at all. I know you hear it often, but there is no place like you, Toledo.

I feel so lucky to be here with you during your time of change. I wanted to let you know what I love most right now (but just right now, because really there is so much more)…

The FOOD – How you so slim Toledo? So many options! My perfect day: Breakfast at Star Diner, lunch at Sidon Lebanese Grille & Bakery and Dinner at Chef Rob’s Revolution Grille. However, I could make 18 different perfect days because if I only went there I would miss Zingo’s, Registry Bistro, Mancy’s, Calvino’s, Tony Packo’s, Grumpy’s, Fowl & Fodder, Loma’s, Balance and El Tipico …. But seriously so many others I didn’t name. And the best thing about all of these places… the passion in the kitchen. Thank goodness Pure Barre ventured into the ‘burg to keep me in check.

The PARKS – but really. If I visited a Metropark every day for the rest of my life, it would not be enough. I love wandering into Wildwood, Side Cut & Oak Openings – it’s like stepping into another world. Thanks for being so beautiful, thanks for being so accessible, thanks for bringing people together in these amazing spaces.

The DOWNTOWN RESURGENCE- This is so fun. SO FUN. The excitement and passion of all these people coming together to pick you up – does that happen elsewhere? I don’t think I care, because what’s going on here is just so much better. It’s incredible how a common goal can bring so many people together, how much change a group can make and how much positive energy that can be created. In a few short months, I’ll be able to work downtown everyday – for that I can’t wait.

The PEOPLE- The people here are different. I know people are tough on you, Toledo, but they just want you to do well. Just know you’re lucky, there is no place on earth where people are more proud of their city.

I might still live in Perrysburg (old habits die hard ☺ ) but I’m here and I’m not leaving!

Your biggest supporter,



We met up with Liz at the site of ProMedica’s future downtown corporate headquarters, a project Liz has been involved with for the past three years.