You’re stuck with me.

Toledo, my darling…

We’ve had a pretty rocky relationship over the last 19 years. We’ve certainly had our differences and disagreements. You and I both remember that three year gap where I planned on leaving for good after college. I know, it was a pretty dark time for both of us.

Like most long-term relationships, it was time for us to take some time apart. Luckily, our decision came at perfect timing. I had a weekend trip to Arizona planned with a Tennessee vacation following almost immediately after. That gave us both almost two weeks to reflect on our relationship and come to a conclusion on where we stood with each other.

Not long into my time in Tennessee, I missed you. I missed being able to walk to my nearest library branch. I missed breakfast at Mama’s Kitchen. And while the Tennessee scenery was absolutely breathtaking, I missed taking walks at Wildwood Metropark.

I missed being home.

Taking that time apart allowed me to realize that my big city pipedream was just that… a pipedream. I thought I longed to live the glamorous lifestyle of a magazine content writer, but the more time I spent writing in various news environments, the more I longed for something more fulfilling.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every newspaper I’ve had the opportunity to work with, but I never truly felt like I belonged there.

It wasn’t until the arrival of my beautiful Zolie Rae on March 5, 2016 when I finally understood why I never felt “in” with any of the newspapers I worked for. That mysterious longing finally started to make sense.

At last, I knew what my career path was meant to be and not long after the birth of my daughter, The Momillennial was born.

I owe my life to you, Toledo. We’ve come so far since 1997 and I’m so sorry I didn’t take the time to get to know the real you and all you have to offer sooner. I hope that with my ToledoLove series, you will understand how sorry I am and how badly I want to make it up to you by telling everyone of all the amazing local businesses and programs you offer.

Truthfully, if it weren’t for the darling little girl currently sleeping a few rooms over from me right now, I would never have rediscovered my love for you. For that, I think we owe her a huge thank you because now, you’re stuck with me.

Thank you Zolie bear.

I love you Toledo.

Yours Forever,



We caught up with Josie and her adorable daughter Zolie at the King Road branch library. Josie is the freelance writer and mommy behind the blog The Momillennial — lot of her writing and blogging is focused on early literacy and she loves spending time at the King Road branch every week, attending story time and playing with her daughter.  On her blog she has a series of features entitled ToledoLove where she highlights different places she adores about Toledo — the feature was inspired by Love Letters To Toledo, so we think it is pretty awesome that we now get to feature Josie and her love letter to Toledo!