Light can be Absorbed or Reflected

Two years ago my husband walked in our New York home and said, “a Toledo spot is open.”  I stood still, kept my “game” face on and casually expressed my interest.  After being a basketball coach’s wife for eight years, I was well conditioned to the March Madness of coach shuffling, and the talk of “spots opening up”.  But, Toledo, I was praying you weren’t just talk, and I would get to know you.  I knew you were closer to my hometown of Cincinnati and I knew my husband spoke very highly of you.  That’s all I needed to know.  My friends, mentors and colleagues knew less and were less excited.  “Toledo?  What league is UT in?  Where is it?  I can’t believe you are this excited about Toledo.”

Toledo, I’m sure you get this a lot from outsiders, especially from people who don’t understand the concept of “Reflection vs. Absorption”.  Light can either be absorbed or reflected!  I decided a few years ago that I would choose to have my light reflected anywhere God placed me, rather than allowing a place to absorb my light.  No city is perfect, but you offer my family the perfect neighborhood of Old Orchard, the confidence to open up my own boutique, and an overwhelming Rocket love to my two little girls and husband.  Today marks my one-year anniversary as the proud owner of Style 5:16 consignment boutique.  In just two years, it has all been a specular reflection of the love & light my neighborhood, my family & my friends have bounced off you… in true “Glass” City fashion.

Toledo, I’ll keep shining my light, and I know you’ll keep reflecting it back.



As the owner of Style 5:16, finding Jonelle anywhere but the boutique was nearly impossible. When she does steal away, you can find her treasure hunting for unique decor pieces at local Toledo spots or The Toledo Museum of Art Family Center with her delightful daughters.