Admittedly, I played hard to get for a solid ten+ years.

Dear Toledo-

Admittedly, I played hard to get― for a solid ten+ years.

Our love story might read a bit like a ʻmissed connectionsʼ ad in the local paper.

You see, I first heard your name while living in New York City and dating one of your expats. Iʼll be honest, I had no idea who you were, but I knew you werenʼt in my life plan. (Iʼm sorry!) New York City was home and I planned to stay there.

When life took its course and your ex-pat and I moved to Boston, I was less than thrilled. In truth, I always viewed those four years in Boston as an extended road trip, forever mentally homeward bound to the big apple.

So when life brought us to you, along with our infant daughter, I felt like a stranger in a strange land. As we looked at buying our first house, the place that felt most like “home” was Old Orchard.

And…thatʼs where you really got me.

A walk around Old Orchard is a veritable architectural dream. The houses are unique, filled with charm and what makes them even better are their owners. Itʼs a neighborhood with some of the best people Iʼve ever been fortunate enough to know―people who may not be family in the traditional sense, but are family when it comes to the heart.

Toledo― Iʼm sorry I played so hard to get. It was completely my loss that I didnʼt allow myself to let you in sooner…because I canʼt think of another place where Iʼd want my daughter to call home.



A dedicated city girl, Jess never imagined herself living outside of New York City or Boston but now can’t image bringing her family up anywhere other than Toledo’s own Old Orchard neighbourhood.