You are mine and I am yours.

Dear Toledo:

Several years ago, my camera became as natural as my car keys. It was the perfect storm of becoming a mother and scratching the itch to capture how my eyes viewed the world around me. And so it goes that my letter to you would go like this.

There are places so sacred to me in Toledo that words escape me.


You are a city of selfless musicians and artists who give their time, their music, their art to help feed your people in grassroots fundraisers like Raise Some Cash. Toledo will rally for a worthy cause. Always.


RESIZEDSC_0439_edited-1You are a city of photographers, salon professionals and other volunteers who created Toledo Help Portrait. That I was asked to play a
minimal role sticks as one of the most important projects I have ever been involved in. Your people are kind.REVISEDDSC_0150_edited-1







You are a city with a vibrant art museum that encourages your youngest visitors to explore, grow and create.


You are a city of independence. RESIZE4Independent businesses can be found in your best nooks and crannies. You are a fiercely proud city of industry and labor. Your people have great hands. They build things, and do it well. I worry that we forget that sometimes.RESIZE1


Your people put their feet to the ground and volunteer to revitalize parts of you that need love.

And Toledo … it is working. You are whimsy that meets strengthening community in the smallest of ways.



You are silent beauty in little morsels like Woodlawn Cemetery.


You are music spilling out on to Collingwood Boulevard on a Thursday morning. You are filled with gifted, engaging students who are willing to have fun with a woman and her camera.


And just when I thought I had fully grasped my sense of community, you gave me Old Orchard to grow my family.


So in spite of your deluge of orange construction barrels and the gray skies of February that seem to never…ever…end, you are mine and I am yours. I look forward to growing old with you, camera in hand every step of the way.

Love, Shutterbug Heather


Heather is a life long Toledoan – ferociously proud and loyal. She can often be found around the city supporting local art, musicians, good causes and the citizens of this city. When she needs to restore her soul and recenter herself she retreats to the sanctum of Augsburg Lutheran Church where she is a beloved member of the congregation.