Your people held our hands.

Dear Toledo,

“Chrisy, the only thing to do in Toledo is sit around and watch the grass grow.” I will never forget my grandmothers misquote of the John Denver song. She laughed as she said it and raised her handkerchief to her mouth.

Toledo, I wasn’t sure what you had in store for me, but I knew you were my escape and I knew you had to be more than grass dying and buns rising. I was going to make something of myself, I would become an adult and you would be the background.

My first few years with you were sheltered. Chain restaurants, drunken nights downtown, an art fair here and there and late night runs through the Secor Taco bell that usually followed those drunken nights downtown. You were my playground of young twenty something bliss.

Then I met a boy, a boy from Maumee. That boy and I bought a house, a small white ranch with a white picket fence and a big back yard for our spaniel to run. We got married; and soon we had a baby on the way. We were making our family right here in your arms. That baby had a rough start, but he was loved. The people of this village wrapped my little family in love and strength. Your people held our hands and although it was a road they had never travelled, they walked it with us. We were told many times to leave Toledo, that there is so much more opportunity for our little family in this city or that city. I am not going to lie to you, I worried. How much could there be for my little family, that has now grown to four and has a 9 year old wheel chair user that is active and wants to play and be a boy and do more than watch the grass die.

Toledo, you didn’t let this family down. You have provided us with so many things; a baseball league that is all inclusive with a beautiful field in Northwood, a sled hockey team that can be found practicing at the BGSU ice arena on Sundays. A metro park system that never fails us! Whether we are flying down the ice, watching deer drink from Swan Creek or relaxing at the Pickford park pool on a Saturday afternoon, we are doing it together as a family that calls you HOME! You have offered us an ACCESIBLE world. You have provided my children with an education, amazing sights and sounds, art and animals. All within reach of tiny hands and fast wheels.

I know that my grandmother is watching in amazement as this family of mine has made this city more than home. Toledo you are our playground, our heart, our access to an often inaccessible world!

With an overflowing happy heart,

Christina Fulton

We caught up with Christina at one of her favorite places in town to grab a cup of coffee, Black Kite Coffee in the Old West End.