I love you Toledo, you can only get better from here!

Dear Toledo-

You are my home.

I’m not from here. I was born and raised in a little town in Akron, Ohio, called Copley (pronounced “Cop-Lee”, you’d be surprised how many people say it wrong).  I had a good childhood there, more or less.  However, I really grew into my own in Toledo.

I came to Toledo the fall of 2004 to the University of Toledo. I was a scared child in a bigger city; A bigger, busier, scarier city than I was used to.  However, I ACTUALLY grew up here. I became the man I am today.  I found out how hard it was to be an engineer, so hard that I almost failed out of college.  I found out my love for music guided me to 88.3FM WXUT, UT’s radio station.  From there, I evolved, and became something even more than I was expecting.

I graduated with a BA in Communication the Spring of 2009, after a whole lot of hard work and dedication.  6 months out of college, I got my first job at Cumulus Media Toledo.  I’ve been there since, and now I do MORNINGS on the radio station that I enjoyed as a fan, and now as a personality on Toledo’s Alternative, 100.7 The Zone!

It wasn’t a professional change, but a personal change that Toledo did to me. I was a very timid individual, heck, still am wifesometimes.  However, I gained more friends than my childhood ever gave me. I learned to be myself, Toledo showed me that through its people. Toledo also is the place where 1 became 2.  I found the woman I would spend the rest of my life with in Toledo, and I got married to her on May of 2015. I love you Dana!

So personal change, professional change, but what else do I love about Toledo?

Toledo’s ARTS! The art museum, the people who make great products at Handmade Toledo, and of course the MUSIC! OH MY THE MUSIC!!! Toledo’s music scene is filled with the hardest, talented, humble men and women I’ve ever witnessed.  It’s not just Toledo, it’s the greater 4-1-9 areas. In the next few years, more and more people will see why Toledo shouldn’t be a place to pass through, but rather a STOP in their journey!

Let’s be honest though, we aren’t the prettiest, we get compared to Detroit, people from here even say “there is nothing to do in Toledo”, “researchers” claim that we are depressed, however, to those who don’t seek out what our city is, yes, they MIGHT be right.  Honestly though, you haven’t lived unless you saw a show in the basement in Frankie’s, went to Tony Packo’s for a meal, and supported a great city filled with wonderful hardworking people.

I love you Toledo, you can only get better from here!

Chris “Peapod” Daher.


As host of Cumulus 100.7 The Zone’s morning show, Peapod loves promoting the local 419 music scene. When not on air, he enjoys reading comic books,  checking out new music, and adding to his new vinyl collection. Chris’s positivity is contagious and we at LLtT love his #PositiveInThe419 hashtag. Check out some of his on air interviews here and tune in to 100.7 weekdays from 6-10.