This is a little awkward.

Dear Toledo,

This is a little awkward. Technically, we broke up in March. I moved away for a new job and you stayed behind.

But I still think of you often.

I left fed-up and tired, at the end of a long winter. Then the ground thawed and those feelings passed.

I came back, if only for a short while, and now I’m back again. I know it’s cliché but I’m really glad we’ve managed to stay friends.

I’m sitting in a sun-drenched room in your downtown library. On my way here I passed the same boarded-up buildings and overgrown lots that gave me pause when we first hooked up. But I also drove through a perfect sunny afternoon, past happy kids just out of school, more than one work of art, and a few construction projects.

Why dwell on problems we’ve both known about for years? You keep trying hard to deal with your issues and I’ll keep wishing only the best for you, thrilled with every improvement, as it always was.

What I’m writing to tell you is that today I can’t imagine being anywhere else. You still feel like home.

And I’ll be more than a little sad when you’re replaced in my heart because you really are one of a kind, and we were great together while it lasted.

That’s why I’ll always answer the phone when you call, finding excuses to visit whenever I can.



Bobby and his family moved away from Toledo when new adventures too good to pass up came their way. On a recent return trip, to conduct the Perrysburg Symphony Orchestra,  we met up with him in Old Orchard – his old stomping ground.