Love Letters to Toledo's

Michelle Harrison

When I moved to Toledo: T-town born and raised! We tried to leave once, but it didn't stick.

I live with: Matt Harrison (my husband, runner and Cub Master extraordinaire), Josh, Claire, Mia and Joey (our brood of children), and a bunch of unnamed fish (best not to get too attached). And coming sometime later this year, the long promised puppy (wish us luck!).

My day job: After a decade of working for "the man" in marketing research, I now work for two little men and two little ladies. For the first time ever, I can say I love my job.

On any given day you'll find me: Shuttling children around the city, feeding the fam, baking, doing laundry, cleaning up some gigantic mess (see brood of children), supervising homework, wiping tears, wiping butts, and doing all the glamorous mom things.

Favorite coffee in Toledo: At this point in my life, I love all the coffee. :)