Love Letters to Toledo's

Brooke Padgett

When I moved to Toledo: I grew up in a suburb of Toledo. After a bit of time away, I moved back to the heart of the city :)

I live with: My husband Dave, and two crazed maniacs, Piper and Oliver.

My day job: I teach special education at the elementary level, as well as attempt to be a decent mom and wife!

On any given day you'll find me: Doing anything and everything outside. Taking pictures, mowing the lawn, playing with the rugrats, redoing a piece of furniture in the garage, or spray painting anything that I can get my hands on....

Personal Motto: "The future is not something we enter, it is something we create." So let's get to creatin'....

Favorite coffee in Toledo: Plate 21 has the greatest coffee, along with the nicest owner/service!!!