Dear Toledo,

Some of us have lived here our whole lives and some of us have just arrived but for each of us there is something about Toledo that makes us love it here. Love Letters to Toledo is a space that celebrates Toledo in the form of love letters to the city written by the very people that love it – us, all of us.

The site was inspired by Rachel Miller’s Love Letter to Tucson which itself was inspired by Julie Michelle’s i live here: sf. We are a place where anyone and everyone can express what they find special about Toledo – be it a place, an event, a memory or an experience. These letters are yours and we aren’t going to tell you what to love about your city! With each letter we will get to see the city anew through the eyes of another who shares this city with us but whose journey has been different. The collective goal of the website is to be a narrative on the city of Toledo demonstrating its diversity, its history, its struggles and its successes all through the words or images of anyone who wishes to speak.

This site is run by enthusiastic amateurs who have many things pulling us in many different directions but in the spare time that we do have we love to do a variety of things including writing and photography. We came together to start this blog not only because we want to spread some positivity about Toledo but because we enjoy meeting new people and it seemed like a great outlet for our creative interests. But please keep in mind that we are invested volunteers and not professional photographers or bloggers – so if you haven’t heard from us for a while please be patient, we are likely juggling toddlers and day jobs and classes but we will be in touch soon.


Love Letters To Toledo Xxx

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